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The role of standardized shipping containers in today’s market place is greater than ever for transporting a variety of commodities internationally. Phelps Industries has used our experience from designing and manufacturing a complete line of hydraulic truck dumpers to the invention of a hydraulically operated tilter used specifically for loading containers.

The focus of the patented Phelps Container Tilter is to quickly and safely secure the container and tilt it for loading. This task is accomplished by our hydraulically operated slide gate which secures and supports the container during the loading process. The slide gate allows the chassis and container to be lifted as one unit simplifying the staging process. Staging the chassis and container as one saves valuable time and manpower.

The operating procedure is essentially the following steps:

  • Container is backed onto the tilter deck
  • Slide gate is lowered into position
  • Two corner locks are secured to the container
  • Truck uncouples from the container and pulls clear of the tilter
  • Container doors are opened
  • Tilter is raised to the desired angle
  • Container is loaded

Tilters are built to accommodate 20’ or 40’ containers while locked to the chassis. Semi-portable or permanent models allow the tilter to be installed at new or existing facilities. Optional items include an integrated weighing system and electric or diesel hydraulic power units. Typical time for on-site assembly is 1 to 2 days. Every unit comes with a one (1) year warranty and our comprehensive support and customer service. Phelps Container Tilters are designed and manufactured at our plant in Little Rock, Arkansas; therefore, it is the only patented container tilting device made in the USA.

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